Simos Georgopoulos is a freelance wine writer as well as wine and food critic since 1999. He has worked for the major consumer magazines and newspapers in the country and he is now a member of the editorial board of FNL- and Oinohoos, Olive, Gefsignostis, Anemos and Taverna magazines, while at the same time he is running his own blog

He is a tasting and sommelier consultant in restaurants and wineries and for more than 20 years he organizes wine tastings and courses, the latest been the Krasarismata events.

He is also an instructor at the Genius in Gastronomy school of sommelier and he is giving lectures in the postgraduate degrees of Oenological Department at the Agricultural University of Athens, the Oenology department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens as well as the Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has written the bilingual wine guides, “Only the Best’ (Axon, 2000) and “A Wine Glass Full of Greece” (Papasotiriou 2009) and he is an international wine judge.