Carole Rohrmoser-Stein in..”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”!

Carole Rohrmoser-Stein loves that her work is a never-ending story, she wanted to be a marine biologist as a child, she would love to be able to fly and she would be happy to travel back in time and hang out with David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. Carole Rohrmoser-Stein answers the questions of “Mirror, mirror on the wall” and reveals herself to us!

1.What do you love and what do you “hate” in your profession?
On one hand I like this kind of “never ending story, studying wineregions, discovering new baverages, learning about excellent food, travelling and meeting interesting people all over the world.
On the other hand I hate all those little pseudo sommeliers. A sommelier was always working in a restaurant looking after any beverages not only wine. Why do we need all these different kinds of watersommeliers, beersommeliers, meetsommeliers (!) etc. today, if a regular sommelier’s knowledge should already include all of those things? Just choose another name!

2. Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Britanny Hamilton, she is a professional surfer, who survived a shark attack in 2003 in which she unfortunately lost her left arm. She ultimately returned on her surfboard, and entered her first major competition only 6 weeks later.

3. Dirty (Street food) or high gastronomy?
I really love both… it’s all about the perfect taste. A creative street food cook can definitely outshine a Michelin star chef.

4. If you were a variety, which would you be and why?
Pinot Noir. It is a delicate composition as well as a two sided coin. Elegant and powerful, fruity and earthy, fresh and durable.

5. What scares you?
The hatred that people carry with them on a daily basis.

6. Jazz or the clarinet (Greek ethnic music)?
Jazz is always going to be my first choice but greek clarinet music creates a high emotional atmosphere.

7. What did you want to be (as a kid) when you were little?
A marine biologist.

8. Which personality would you like to go clubbing with?
If I could turn back time I’d love to have a party together with David Bowie and Freddy Mercury in their prime.

9. Two-seater or SUV?
SUV, there’s no chance I could fit everything I need in a two seater.

10. Mom’s or dad’s?

11. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
Flying! Absolutely!

12. Sun or rain?

13. Sweet or (savory) salty?
Salty with a little hint of sweetness!

14. Favorite cartoon?
Tom and Jerry. I like how it portrays a way of solving problems with absurd ideas.

15. What is your favorite time of day?
The time before going to bed. After having done a days work I sit down on my balcony together with my dear and we enjoy a good glass of wine.

16. Favorite app?
ClimaVinea, I really love burgundy.

17. Best advice you’ve been given?
Always having a plan B… or even a plan C….

18. Who is your celebrity crush?
Ohh, let’s have a second look at the clubbing question.

19. Your favorite song?
Aftermath by Muse!

20. When others talk about you, what would you like them to say?
“She did a really good job, especially for the youth.”

21. What do you think is the meaning of life?
42 (by Douglas Adams) ♥️