Wine & Sommelier Expert Course

Wine & Sommelier Expert Course

The Wine & Sommelier Expert Course is an innovative program whose structure and thematic modules are based on methods and operating standards of corresponding programs of international universities, addressed to professionals who want to stand out at the global level.
It includes modules structured in the form of Master Classes on a wide range of subjects, such as: Oenology, Agriculture, Service – International Competitions, Coffee, Water, Spirits, Beers, etc., but also educational trips to various wine-producing regions around the world.
Also, the modules related to the international vineyards are covered through assignments and conducting corresponding Master Classes by the students themselves.
The presenters of the program are some of the most prominent, for each subject, experts of international recognition, both from Greece and abroad.
The duration of the program is two years.
A prerequisite for registration in the Wine & Sommelier Expert Course is that those interested must be graduates of one of the following:
I. Wine Professional & Sommelier Course by Genius in Gastronomy
II. 3rd level WSPC
III. Sommelier class of the Le Monde
IV. Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers
A necessary condition for student candidates is the successful participation in the Wine Professional & Sommelier Course exams to obtain certification from the international professional certification body N.O.C.N.