Wine Professional & Sommelier Course

Wine Professional & Sommelier Course

In an increasingly competitive environment, with a huge demand for specialized professionals in wine – sommeliers, the Wine Professional & Sommelier Course is the necessary instrument – tool for those who want a complete and thorough training on wine, which covers, based on international standards and practices, a wide range of subjects and leads to Sommelier & Wine Professional certification.
The Course comprehensively offers all the knowledge as well as the skills – abilities that a modern professional needs. In this way, they will acquire the resources to cope with the modern challenges that are formed in a demanding and difficult area such as catering, trade and F&B management.

The subjects included in the course are:
• Introduction to wine (Viticulture, oenology, terroir, etc.)
• Secrets of Wine Tasting (Wine Tasting)
• Main Varieties – Wine Styles (Wine Tasting)
• French Vineyards (Wine tasting)
• Italian Vineyards (Wine Tasting)
• New World Vineyards (Wine Tasting)
• Vineyards of Spain & Portugal (Wine Tasting)
• Vineyards of Germany, Austria & other countries (Wine Tasting)
• Greek Vineyards (Wine Tasting)
• Fortified wines from around the world
• Sparkling wines from around the world
• Food – wine pairing
• Service (Practical practice)
• Winery management – List – Price list
• Principles of marketing – Sales techniques – Presentation techniques
• Spirits
During the course, a series of tastings is held with a wide range of wines from all over the world, with some of them being the most remarkable and often rare examples of their kind.