Theologos Plakopoulos in..”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”!

Theologos Plakopoulos loves culture and the civilization wine reproduces, he declares himself to be dad’s & mom’s child depending on the occasion, he is scared by rapid changes and he finds the essence of life in the rare quality interactions with people!

1. What do you love and what do you “hate” in your profession?
Let’s start with the nice things, wine reproduces a piece of culture and culture of each place from which it is produced, each place has many stories and this multicultural element gives it interesting elements beyond its commercial part. As for the negative elements of the job, the arrogance is intolerable.

2. Who is your favorite athlete and why?
To be honest, I haven’t. Although I enjoy watching some sports, I haven’t necessarily associated them with people.

3. Junk or Gourmet cuisine?
Gastronomy is endless and there are countless moments of appetite for food, therefore, as it turns out, the raw material must be good!

4. If you were a variety, which would you be and why?
I would never be a grape variety, still I like Pinot Noir, difficult grape, delicate and keep going to the future.

5. What scares you?
The rapid changes. The methodology is important and reassuring.

6. Jazz or Greek clarinet?
Punk rock!

7. What did you want to be when you were little?
I liked the humanities studies, without any particular orientation. I’m still young!

8. Which personality would you like to go clubbing with?
Let’s leave it to its own devices! Although I don’t think I’ll go clubbing!

9. Two-seater or SUV?
Mini Van, your place offers excursions!

10. Mom’s or Dad’s?
Depending on the moment, sometimes mom’s or dad’s. Let’s not be monotonous!

11. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
To fly, although I like the most earthly things. Selfish people usually want to be invisible, socializing is a big thing!

12. Sun or rain;
Sun, Rain, Snow but definitely a simple cloudy day!

13. Sweet or salty?
Salty, sweet, and then salty again!

14. Favorite cartoon?
I really like the characters from the movie Nine.

15. What is your favorite time of day?
The rising, has a complexity in colors.

16. Favorite app?
I can’t say that I have any weakness in applications. Let’s stay a little “boomer”.

17. Best advice you’ve been given?
I don’t remember exactly the wording, but it had to do with the opening of horizons and qualitative development.

18. Who is your celebrity crush?
Let’s leave this question for the celebrities.

19. Your favorite song?
One of the favorites is “Diary of a young man” by Television Personalities

20. When others talk about you, what would you like them to say?
It matters what we say and what communicate with others!

21. What do you think is the meaning of life?
Quality interactions with people. They are rare now.