The racism of natural wines!

For sure you have heard the term natural wines.
But really, there is a big confusion in this expression and makes the rest of the wines which doesn’t mention in their label or they are not promoted this way, seems on the consumers’ eyes like unnatural, or not so pure.
At the moment, a certification for the term natural wines does not exist, like biological or biodynamic. Are natural wines good or bad? They are different, like everything in this life.
Recently, A famous oenologist Dominique Lafon was asked for his opinion about this subject. His answer was “I like natural wines, if they smell normal and not bad. If you let the grapes become wine by themselves, they will turn inti vinegar, our job is to stop this before happening”
I serve on a daily basis lots of customers who would like to buy a bottle of wine in order to consume it at home or at the store. The rise of natural wines is a fact, in fact a pleasant one, because it reveals that the customers is getting familiar, educated and exploring.
But unfortunately, some individuals refuse to taste anything else but natural wines. This discrimination is everywhere, even in wine. A bottle of wine containing sulfites or other add-ons, is not an illegal immigrant to be set aside, but to be respected and recognized for its diversity, as well as natural ones.
If you love wine, don’t stick to labels and stereotypes. Just enjoy it!