Adam Kontovas in..”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”!

Adam Kontovas, “hates” the fact that he loves his job, admires Michael Jordan for his inexhaustible desire to win, is a mama’s boy and declares that he is happy because his life revolves around Love. Adam Kotovas, answers the questions of “Mirror, mirror on the wall” and reveals himself to us!

1. What do you love and what do you “hate” in your profession?
I love everything about it and this is what I hate the most!

2. Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Michael Jordan for his endless drive to win!

3. Dirty (Street food) or high gastronomy?
Love them both but not more than the love between each other!

4. If you were a variety, which would you be and why?
Assyrtiko, Strong character, long aftertaste!

5. What scares you?
My daughter hitting puberty. Ps: she just turned 19months old!

6. Jazz or the clarinet?

7. What did you want to be (as a kid) when you were little?
I really wanted to be a butcher. I became a cook. That’s pretty close in my book!

8. Which personality would you like to go clubbing with?
Mike Tyson!

9. Two-seater or SUV?

SUV so my daughter sits like a Queen. hah!

10. Mom’s or dad’s?
Mom to the bone!

11. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
Invisible so I can eavesdrop and cheat on tests!

12. Sun or rain;
I was always pro rain but with this weather right now I think everything shifts to the sun!

13. Sweet or (savory)salty?
Sweetsaltyacidicbitter or else Umami!

14. Favorite cartoon?
No brainer, Dragonball!

15. What is your favorite time of day?
When everyday at 06:30 Agape shouts Abaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!

16. Favorite app?

17. Best advice you’ve been given?
Don’t be a Dick!

18. Who is your celebrity crush?
Can’t say if I want to stay alive!

19. Your favorite song?
Extremely difficult question: Anser( xamaretou),Pearl Jam( Black), black Sabbath( war pigs)!

20. When others talk about you, what would you like them to say?
Only good things, anything else is a lie, except if it’s good things then it is definitely true!

21. What do you think is the meaning of life?
Easy: my kid!!