Unexplored Treasures: Ammassi

The wine wealth of Greece is characterized by the long history in winemaking, but also the wide range of indigenous varieties.


Apart from the most famous, which are ambassadors of Greek wine, there are others, less known but worthy of our attention and interest.

Amassi belongs to this category. A native variety, with homeland in Central Macedonia, Greece and more specifically Pella region. It was found there by refugees from Amasya in Mikra Asia, who settled in the area during the population exchange. They cultivated it, vinified it and gave it the name "Amassi", because it was very similar to the "Amassya" variety that was cultivated in Mikra Asia, without sharing common roots, but also to keep alive the name of their place of origin.

A variety with large acreage yields, with bunches almost dense, with medium-sized grapes, traditionally trained in pergola. It is late havested, we can also find it as “Opsimo Edessis" or “Chimoniatiko” (Ospimo is late harvested in greek and chimona is winter),, which gives the variety special characteristics in terms of ripening and harvesting, if we consider that the temperature at night in the area is below 100C.

Thomaidis family and the 3 Genies Winery played a key role in the utilization of the variety in the vineyard, the promotion of its special characteristics, as well as the production of high quality wines. With significant interventions, initially in the vineyard, they doubled the planting density. In this way the acreage yield was reduced and the characteristic aromatic profile of the variety was enhanced.

In monovarietal appearances, aromas of white flesh and tropical fruits, with herbal notes, hints of pepper and refreshing acidity, create a very tempting version of a fresh tank wine. Exploiting the aging potential in the bottle, Amassi presents a greasy and buttery character.
Of particular interest is the combination with Sauvignon Blanc. The winery created a blend, with the 2 varieties participating equally, in perfect harmony. With half the amount ageing in French oak, an explosive bouquet of aromas of tropical fruits, citrus and butter is presented, ready to stand with claims next to intense dishes.


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