Genius in Gastronomy was founded in 2010 by the sommelier George Loukas mainly focusing on wine, beer and spirits. It assembles a highly qualified team of Sommeliers, wine Experts and Journalists leaded by George Loukas with years of experience and expertise in the Sommelier field and the hospitality industry.  
Genius in Gastronomy provides a range of training seminars on wine, beer and spirits to individuals and professionals consisting of integrated thematic entities. Seminars are certified by Staregister, Certification Body for Professionals and Training Courses Providers, member of the IPC (International Personnel Certification Association).
The Genius in Gastronomy Certified graduate will have a recognized credential that enables him or her to claim professional skill and expertise for an exciting and rewarding career in the hospitality industry in the area of wine, beer and beverage management, sales, marketing and all aspects of the service industry.

Genius in Gastronomy also offers a comprehensive portfolio of in-depth beverage consulting, training and educational options for private consumers, business clients, wine, beer and spirits focused establishments.


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